Tip wagon is shown emptying into the dump trailer. Two tip wagon loads filled the dump trailer. 


An advantage of bulk-format is the rapid transfer of material by dumping whole wagon/trailer quantities of biomass. This is much more efficient than having to handle individual "packages" or bales. Three tip wagons alternated being pulled along the forage harvester side for direct loading, and were pulled with tractors rated 78-112 ptokW. These tip wagons serviced the forage harvester for a wide variety of distances and terrains between the forage harvester and the roadside trucks. Tip wagons were pulled to the roadside points for rapid off-loading into 11.6-m long dump trailers with an internal volume of 40 m3. The overall goal is rapid servicing of the field harvester at loose bulk density with minimum potential for interruptions. There is potential to incorporate bulk compaction at this phase, so long as it does not limit harvesting, but our storage depot was close enough to not warrant that expense.